ROOMAPS Mission Statement

Traditional Location Based Services are very successful, have a huge user base and changed the way how we interact with our environment. But the problem is that these services don’t work inside buildings because there is no GPS signal. Which is a pity because the average person spends 80% of their life indoors. And this is why we want to create a platform that makes it possible to bring such services like real-time positioning inside buildings.

The Founders
Marcus Lehmann
CEO & Software Engineer
„ROOMAPS will help you in complex building structures to find the best way to your desired destiny”
Pascal Hesselmeier
Sales & Business Developer
„Our target is not only to establish a indoor navigation software. We want to create a new customer engagement channel”
Jonas Keeling
Senior Software Engineer
„I want to develop a truly opportunistic indoor location estimation with ROOMAPS.”
Supported by
ROOMAPS: We are the specialists for your individual indoor navigation solution!
With ROOMAPS, operators of large facilities can offer additional benefits to their visitors, for example helping them to find the way to specific products, people or parts of the buildings, or to quickly find points of interest (POIs). Visitors can use their smartphone to get further information around them or to navigate through the building. In addition to pure navigation, ROOMAPS provides a new customer engagement channel to facility operators, enabling them to respond to recent actions of visitors and notify them in real-time about interesting events or offers.

A central part of the ROOMAPS service is the design: The indoor maps can be styled according to your corporate design of your facility. Because styling and maps are decoupled in our architecture, it is easy to change the look of the map when desired. We even provide the possibility to create different styles for a single map which can be used for different purposes, e.g. different exhibitions in museums.

Operators of large facilities have one challenge in common: the complexity of the indoor areas where they provide their goods (products, exhibits etc.). With our software as a service you can optimize the experience of your visitors or customers by offering a suitable layout, better orientation, information and personalized offers. Further we provide also heat maps and charts in our web-based HTML5-App which anonymously analyze the paths visitors take and where they stay. If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to contact us.