A unique user experience for your customers

With ROOMAPS you can provide a better service with indoor orientation & information for your customers!
Also, your customers can receive real-time information based on their location and context, such as attractive special offers, or informations on events.

Positioning inside of buildings

With our technology, you will know exactly where you are, even without GPS. Your position will be located inside buildings with very low deviations. To perform the localization, our technology analyzes the existing WLAN infrastructure, BLE beacons and combines the signals with the sensor output of the smartphones and tablets.

Points of interest

ROOMAPS allows you a in a comfortable way to manage and edit important POI’s (Points of Interest) on the map. A POI could be a description, picture, news or feedback of an spot inside a building. With the POI-Features you can increase the whole user experience if you add some multimedia content to special places.

Automatic graph calculations

Based on a route graph function, ROOMAPS calculates the accessible ways automatically. Further the width of a walkable area can be determined because ROOMAPS use high-tech algorithms and vector data of the indoor maps. With this our service can provide a better support for wheelchair drivers for example.

Navigation over different floors

Intelligent routing algorithms! It is possible to navigate inside buildings over several floors with our application. ROOMAPS also guides you in complex building structures to the desired destinations.

Infinite design possibilities for your indoor maps

We are currently developing a web editor. The editor allows you to create your indoor places flexible and individual. The editor also provides the ability to create the maps according to your corporate design. Furthermore it gives you the opportunity to implement various display types.

Send push messages directly to the user

Use the ROOMAPS-Service as an information and marketing tool. You can send users, customers, employees or other relevant stakeholders further information with our push service.

Maximum security for your data

You keep control over your data. Further you and can restrict access to maps and levels as needed. Privacy is an important issue for us. We develop a safe solution in which you will have the opportunity to host your sensitive data such as building plans for the ROOMAPS application on your own server infrastructure.

Upgrade your existing app

ROOMAPS is available as a software component for existing Android and iOS app’s. You can upgrade your smartphone app with our white-label solution. In addition to this we provide a superior library, a REST-API and a fully documentation for your developers.

Additional features and possibilities
Save and view your favorites
Save your indoormaps and get a view of your favourite spots if you need without losing time.
Integration into your existing app
You already have an app and want an implementation of ROOMAPS? Get in contact with us!
No specific hardware installation is required
By using ROOMAPS no additional hardware is necessary. So no costs for additional hardware is required.
Assistance in crisis situations
ROOMAPS shows you escape routes during a building fire or send instructions to all involved users.
Can be used as information and advertising columns
You can integrate ROOMAPS in information boards at the entrance of a building. Depending on the purpose, we develop a solution for you.
...and much more!
Our software is currently under construction. If you have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!
Supported by
ROOMAPS: We are the specialists for your individual indoor navigation solution!
With ROOMAPS, operators of large facilities can offer additional benefits to their visitors, for example helping them to find the way to specific products, people or parts of the buildings, or to quickly find points of interest (POIs). Visitors can use their smartphone to get further information around them or to navigate through the building. In addition to pure navigation, ROOMAPS provides a new customer engagement channel to facility operators, enabling them to respond to recent actions of visitors and notify them in real-time about interesting events or offers.

A central part of the ROOMAPS service is the design: The indoor maps can be styled according to your corporate design of your facility. Because styling and maps are decoupled in our architecture, it is easy to change the look of the map when desired. We even provide the possibility to create different styles for a single map which can be used for different purposes, e.g. different exhibitions in museums.

Operators of large facilities have one challenge in common: the complexity of the indoor areas where they provide their goods (products, exhibits etc.). With our software as a service you can optimize the experience of your visitors or customers by offering a suitable layout, better orientation, information and personalized offers. Further we provide also heat maps and charts in our web-based HTML5-App which anonymously analyze the paths visitors take and where they stay. If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to contact us.