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ROOMAPS @ IBM SmartCamp 2014 Berlin

It's already four weeks ago, that we have participated in our IBM SmartCamp in Berlin. All start-ups did a great job and we had a really great time time during the intense 2 days in Berlin. Within these days we have received very positive feedback from the mentors, customers and audience. We had the chance to meet four other Start-ups at the SmartCamp in Berlin. Webzunder A Social-Media-Dashboard wich helps you to improve your online- and social media marketing. Keeeb allows you to clip, ... Read more

High-Tech-Award: CyberOne 2014 – ROOMAPS

In February 2014 we applied for the bwcon: Hightech Award CyberOne 2014. The jury decided that we are under the 12 best Hightech Start-ups in Baden-Württemberg (8 from the category Start-up, 4 from the category growth). Innovative concepts and solutions from all technology sectors were honored by the bwcon: Hightech Award 2014. We were invited to the final round of jury pitches, on 8 May 2014, . The award ceremony will be take place in Karlsruhe on July 3, 2014. We would ... Read more


Sorry, this video is only available in German. Read more

ROOMAPS – Indoormaps Tool

Our Indoor Maps Style Editor is ready. Now you can edit your building plans in our software extremely flexible and with on the fly support in our web app. Further our style editor allows you free design of colors of specific areas, line thickness, surfaces and more. Read more

Indoor Analytics with ROOMAPS

ROOMAPS provides you the best platform to monitor the success of your local marketing events in your building. See how your customers interact with your individual whitelabel ROOMAPS App, the places they are interested and how they move through your location from outside to the point-of-sale for example. Web style analytics for your local buildings Our web based ROOMAPS App provides you a rich solution to enable web style analytics like Google for your indoor locations. With ROOMAPS your local marketers get a new ... Read more

Indoor navigation in 3D

Google just announced Project Tango. It's Google's next-generation mapping tool with augmented reality technologies. We think this video shows, how easy the indoor mapping and location processes can be done in the future. It could be stunning in combination with Google Glass if we think about the opportunities of such wearables. Read more

Future Store’s: A Vision from IBM

"In the next five years, buying local will beat online. Merging the tactility and immediacy of physical retail with the richness and personalization of online, local shops will make online-only stores seem downright quaint." (2013, IBM) Further we think, that such new Location-Based-Technologies and Indoor-Navigation-Systems like ROOMAPS converge to one enduser friendly solution. Read more

WiFi Fingerprinting & Localization

Last Thursday we scanned the WiFi-Signals of an empty trade exhibition hall in real-time. After this we saved the fingerprints in a database and got the first results back which we need for a successfully indoor localization. After our local tests, we evaluated the data internally to optimize the application for large exhibition halls. In the future we are going to offer some additional Bluetooth-Low-Energy beacons to improve the quality of the indoor-localization results. Read more

Redesign of our website

Welcome to our new re-designed website. We cleaned up the structure. In the next few days we will adjust the english sites according to the german sites. Read more

ROOMAPS at the IT & Business exhibition event in Stuttgart

Yesterday we visited the IT and business exhibition event in Stuttgart and tested our indoor navigation application ROOMAPS. During our tests we got important informations about the WLAN infrastructure in the building and other technical challenges on a fairground like the Messe Stuttgart. Such real-time tests help us very much for our customer focussed development. Read more
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